Having the pleasure of walking through fields of lavender I can go back in my memory and indulge in the sweet and fragrant moment anytime. For those who have not walked through a field I highly recommend it. 

Lavender Field With my Girls

Picture of my with my girls at our local lavender fields. Yes, the one with the tongue out is always super feisty, aren't all Scorpios? 


When first encountering a lavender field the smell hits you first even when the floral blooms aren't in sight. As you get closer the bright purple hits your eyes as a wave of a shade of violet that has never been photographed before. I compare it to the Grand Canyon. If you have been there you realize the depth of the canyon can yet to be captured by a photograph. 


They feel so relaxing to touch. I mean, they are a bit rough as they are seeds atop with blossoms sticking out but the fragrance emits such a relaxing atmosphere that you don't think of the roughness. You can't help touching the blooms. You then can't help putting your hand that touched the blossoms to your nose to inhale the beauty. It does not disappoint. It instantly hits the serotonin rush in the brain to create peace. 

After each visit to my local lavender fields I get so inspired to create something with the lovely buds. I make sure to have a plant at all times in my home. 

I love having fresh buds for tea or lemonade. But my favorite is using it in my bath teas. It just adds an extra layer of elegance to my bath. One can say that lavender surely does not disappoint. 


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